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Finance Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about IT finance for the public sector answered — from Viglen Finance, the UK’s leading independent IT finance provider.

Q1: Do I need to keep a hard copy of my agreement or will the soft copy that was emailed to me suffice?

Q2: What if I lose my documentation or misplace it?

Q3: Can I change the date that my payments are taken from my account each month?

Q4: What happens if I miss a payment / there are insufficient funds in my account to meet the direct debit mandate?

Q5: Do I need to insure my hardware?

Q6: What if I don’t agree with the Terms & Conditions of the agreement?

Q7: What is the “annual facility fee”?

Q8: What if my equipment is faulty?

Q9: What if I no longer want / need my equipment, can I terminate my lease?

Q10: What are my options at the end of the term of the agreement?

Q11: What else do I need to know?

Q12: We may be changing to a Limited Company or LLP in the not too distant future, what will be the process?

Q13: How do I reclaim my VAT back on my finance rentals and what do I receive to evidence my payments?

Q14: Our firm is merging, what happens to our existing finance agreements?

Q15: If I wish to settle my agreement early, what should I do?

Q16: How do I arrange finance for my IT needs?

Q17: What are the main types of lease?

Q18: What are the benefits of IT finance with Viglen Finance?

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