Finance from Viglen





Finance Benefits

Viglen Finance is an easy way to acquire the ICT you need.
Here’s why:

  • Good for your budget
    Spreading the cost creates instant cashflow benefits, and lets you demonstrate ROI from day one
  • Alternative source of credit
    Viglen finance won't affect your other credit lines, so you can dedicate your existing funding sources to other projects
  • Total flexibility
    Viglen Finance can cover hardware, software, training, maintenance and more, in one simple periodic rental
  • In built technology refresh facility allows for your upgrades or additions without increasing payments
    With Viglen Finance you can build in upgrades and migrations, without increasing your payments
  • Freedom to choose
    We’re independent, so you can specify equipment and services.
    Before you make your next acquisition, talk to Viglen Finance. We’ll show you the faster, easier route to achieving your IT goals.
    If you’re considering a lease, rental or other finance arrangement to help your organisation acquire IT (computer desktop, laptop or server hardware, software, training or services), talk to Viglen Finance first
  • Accelerates your return on Investment
    You will see the benefits to your institution straight away, without having to wait to pay for the costs of the devices outright

To find out how a finance solution could help your organisation, please use the following details to contact the Viglen Finance team now.

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