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Our unique array of products and support solutions are designed specifically around the finance and space constraints the education sector faces. On the one hand, we remove budgetary pressures, on the other we enable institutions to keep their systems up-to-date and include every aspect of an IT project.
For modern, forward-thinking institutions who want to embrace the almost limitless horizons opened up by today’s content-rich technology, Viglen Finance is playing a leading role. Essential to this are our tailor-made packages.

Tips for Successful Leasing in Schools
Viglen Finance Overview

Viglen Finance allows organisations better access to ICT solutions with 0% finance options and “buy now, pay later” schemes.

Viglen Finance Benefits

Viglen Finance helps your organisation acquire the ICT solutions best suited to your needs.


Why should I use Viglen Finance? Your questions answered.

0% Finance Options

You can purchase a wide range of Viglen equipment and spread the cost over 36 months, 0% interest!

Buy Now, Pay Later

We offer a pre-agreed line of credit for a three month period based on your finance quote.

Viglen Finance by Syscap

Syscap is the UK’s leading independent IT finance company providing tailored finance solutions.