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Syscap logo Viglen Finance is a made to measure financing scheme provided by Syscap Ltd (reg no. 2471568) for the acquisition of Viglen solutions and associated products.
Viglen Finance specialises in the provision of ICT finance and leasing solutions that enable education and public sector organisations to acquire the ICT they need when they need it. Demand has never been greater.
Having specialised in public sector funding for over 15 years, we have brought about a profound change in the way technology is viewed and accessed in education establishments. Whether it is procuring, recycling or disposing of ICT, we offer financial solutions that offer the support of the entire life-cycle of the IT assets that are being invested in.

In utilising Viglen Finance, our customers are offered a suite of financial solutions in any stage of their ICT asset development, to support their growing infrastructure and commitment to a developing Education system.
Some advantages of utilising the financial products on offer include:

  • Improve your cash flow and accelerate your ‘return on investment’
  • Fix your payments over the term of the agreement
  • Conserve your capital for further investment where you need it
  • Spread the cost over your solution’s useful working life
  • Defer your first payment for up to a year to further enhance your return on investment

As a professional financier, Syscap is a member of the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA).

Please note: All proposals are indicative and subject to credit committee approval.

To find out how a finance solution could help your organisation, please use the following details to contact the Viglen Finance team now.

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