Energy Calculator

Click on the image below to download the Viglen energy calculator.
This easy to use spreadsheet will give you the ability to simply calculate your rough expenditure on electricity for IT equipment.

Instructions for use

Using the drop down boxes, select your IT equipment — adding your monitor choice if required. If you can’t find an exact match for your resource / monitor, just select the nearest item. In the white boxes firstly fill in the quantity, then hours and days the resource is on, and percentage of time (if any) that the resource spends in ‘standby’ more. For example, a network switch is going to be 24, 7, 0, because it’s on all the time and never goes into standby. The grey boxes are all filled in automatically.
Version 2.11 now includes more configurable options to enable you to tailor the calculations to match your specifications more closely. You can now select a Processor type and 80 PLUS power supply for each PC as well as adjusting the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour to match your organisation.


Q. Why is no energy and cost shown? I’ve selected my PC specification!
A. Check that you’ve typed the quantity required in column I and that you haven’t changed the hours and days figures (column J and K) to zero.
Q. Can I really have a UPS with 80 PLUS power supply and monitor?
A. Well yes, you can select the options from the calculator, but please bear in mind that the calculator does allow some combinations of hardware which aren’t available from Viglen yet.
Q. Why don’t I see any value in the KWh per day standby column?
A. Column R only includes a cost when you’ve included a figure in column L to show the percentage of the day spent in standby mode.
Q. The Legacy PCs show as “Fixed CPU”. Which CPU does that calculate for?
A. In order to avoid too many choices for the vast array of older CPUs, we listed three levels:

Your Viglen Account Manager can advise if you’re not sure which PC type most closely matches your current hardware.