Since its launch, Viglen’s Enviroquiet range of products has broadened to take advantage of the latest energy-saving developments in IT.
Although our policy of product development means that we strive to increase the environmental friendliness of our products as we introduce new models and replacements, we still retain the Enviroquiet label for the very best of our range.

Viglen EQ400 Motherboard

At Viglen we believe that environmentally friendly computing starts with the choice of key components within each PC. At the heart of our most energy-saving PCs is the innovative EQ400 motherboard.

Reduce Power Consumption without compromising on performance

The innovative Viglen EQ400 motherboard can reduce your standard PC power consumption drastically, taking real computing and power efficiency to the next level.
The key to its aggressive power saving is Intel’s Atom processor, and the Viglen EQ400 continues the trend set by previous Viglen Enviroquiet motherboards, maintaining a stable platform for Windows and open source computing. You can configure the EQ400 motherboard throughout our desktop range and it’s available in all our cases, from the diminutive Genie Ultra Micro to our Full Tower case as well as our acclaimed Omnino all-in-one systems. The result is a versatile, power-saving motherboard which can be configured extensively to fit your deployment plans.
Better yet, unlike some of our competitors’ products, you’re not confined to a small chassis with limited expansion — in keeping with our Genie range, the EQ400 offers true flexibility.

Intel NM10 Chipset and Atom™ processor

The EQ400 motherboard is designed to unleash the power of the new Intel® Atom™ processor D510 which supports the new revolutionary two-chip layout. This new chipset layout reduces the chipset footprint by 70 percent, enabling easier routing and better heat flow. The Intel® NM10 Express Chipset also provides additional flexibility and upgradability with two slots of single channel DDR2 memory at 800/667 MHz supporting up to 4GB expansion.
With breakthrough low-power silicon, the EQ400 can be used with a passive heat sink, reflecting a highly-engineered thermal and acoustic solution. The result is a motherboard which represents a fundamental shift in system design-small, yet powerful enough to enable a big Internet experience for the classroom, office or even an open-access area.

EQ400 Specifications
  • Integrated Intel® Atom™ processor D510
  • 533MHz Front Side Bus
  • Intel nm10 Chipset
  • DDR2 667/800 SDRAM memory
  • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 Graphics Processor
  • Intel Hi Definition Audio
  • Six USB 2.0 ports, two Serial SATA ports (3.0 GB/s), PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
Huge savings, multiple platforms

As a completely flexible PC manufacturer, Viglen can build the EQ400 motherboard into almost any case style, including all cases from our long-standing Genie and popular Genie Ultra ranges. Although the overall solution is initially more expensive, the savings in electricity over a period of time easily exceed the investment into this low power solution.

80 PLUS — More power to you

As part of our range-wide program of improving energy consumption, Viglen has adopted the 80 PLUS standard for all our desktop computers, ensuring that an 80 PLUS power supply can be fitted in all cases to improve their environmental footprint.
The 80 PLUS program involves power supply manufacturers, PC builders like Viglen and the energy companies in a concerted effort to reduce energy wastage in computer use. The essential requirement of the 80 PLUS scheme is to ensure that the power supply in your desktop computer is 80% efficient, i.e. at least 80% of the electricity going into a PC is used for computing and not wasted by poor quality components.
With Viglen’s 80 PLUS range of power supplies you can be sure that your desktop computers will use less power, without compromising their performance.

Processor Technology

When Viglen first launched its Enviroquiet program, a desktop processor would typically draw up to 135 watts of power while in use. Working in conjunction with leading processor manufacturers, Viglen’s range of processors has halved that power consumption. At the same time, processor performance has increased dramatically, meaning that everybody can get more done with less environmental impact.
The latest range of Intel® Core™ processors typically consumes no more than 65 watts, representing a dramatic reduction in the amount of energy required to power a PC, at the same time as improving performance by more than 40% (compared to the previous generation of processors at the same price point). Although performance and energy consumption improvements like this may seem far-fetched, Intel’s radical processor core redesign has provided the best of both worlds.
The older “Netburst” processor core used in Pentium® processors dating back to the 1990’s had reached the end of its useful development. By shrinking the Netburst processor die to improve performance, the silicon-based microarchitecture reached a point where individual microcomponents could no longer function efficiently. This resulted in power wastage through individual transistors which leaked current because they could no longer be turned fully “off”.
The newer “Core” microarchitecture used in Intel® Core™ i series, and similar processors, uses alternatives to silicon in its manufacture. These alternative materials, known as High-K substrates after “K” the symbol representing the dielectric coefficient of a material, its ability to gate an electric current) allow processor cores to be made smaller and faster without the current leakage of the older silicon-based designs. At the same time, developments to the power saving in the Core design now allow finer control of the circuitry within the processor resulting in sections of the processor being activated only when they’re needed.
By combining breakthrough processing speeds with advanced power saving features, a Viglen PC with an Intel® Core™ processor lets you get more done in less time than ever before, at the same time as reducing energy costs. Processors built with Intel’s unique 45nm technology offer excellent performance as well as unique energy-saving features that help Viglen PCs meet ENERGY STAR requirements. That means reduced power consumption for desktop PCs and lower energy costs for your organisation.