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Making HPC simpler

In the past, matching the application you needed with the right cluster system was a long and difficult process, usually meaning lots of time spent researching different components and figuring out which ones work with the right application.

PDF: Cluster Ready Certificate
PDF: Cluster Ready spec sheet
PDF: Viglen and Cluster Ready Brief Sheet

Simplifying HPC

Viglen offers deep HPC expertise to help you design, implement, and manage your Intel Cluster Ready solution. Viglen advisors can help you find the right “recipe” from a selection of certified Intel Cluster Ready components and registered Intel Cluster Ready software. To facilitate that process, Viglen can provide detailed performance reports for all hardware components, including the processor, memory, interconnects, and disks. A dedicated Project Manager will then help manage the entire implementation process, making sure that the deployment is completed on time and on budget. To help simplify ongoing management, Viglen can integrate remote access management capabilities. And to ensure smooth and consistent operation of the cluster, Viglen offers a full range of support options.

Turnkey HPC with Viglen and Clustercorp Rocks+

Viglen deploys its Intel Cluster Ready systems using Clustercorp Rocks+ middleware. Rocks+ combines the operating system, system monitoring application, workload manager, and other components into a single, holistic distribution. Rocks+ helps you gain the confidence that all required software components are installed correctly and will work together seamlessly.
Rocks+ also helps maintain ongoing Intel Cluster Ready certification. The Viglen team installs the Intel Cluster Ready “Roll”–prepackaged software that includes Intel Cluster Checker. Using Intel Cluster Checker, you can run periodic wellness checks to identify and diagnose problems quickly, helping to ensure that hardware and software components continue to work together over the cluster’s lifetime.