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Focus on science, not computer science with the
easiest and most complete HPC cluster management product.
Easiest HPC Management Product

Platform HPC makes it easy for you to harness the power, flexibility, and scalability of your HPC cluster. Whether you have a small or large cluster, Platform HPC quickly gets your cluster up and running. It simplifies the application integration process so that you can focus on your work, instead of managing your cluster.

Most Complete HPC Management Product

Most Complete HPC Management Product Other HPC cluster solutions combine multiple tools and interfaces, which are not integrated, certified, or tested together. Platform HPC is the industry’s easiest and most complete management product. It includes a mature, robust set of management capabilities that are accessible through a unified portal interface. Backed by the industry’s best customer support, Platform HPC incorporates nearly two decades of product and technology leadership. Platform HPC comes complete, with the following features: Integrated application support.

HPC management diagram
Integrated application support

Easy application integration, minimal job submission errors.
Platform HPC enables you to fully harness the power of your cluster to optimize application performance. High performing, HPC-optimized MPI libraries come integrated with the solution, making it easy to get your parallel MPI applications up and running.

  • ANSYS Mechanical
  • ANSYS Fluent
  • Blast
  • MSC Nastran
  • Schlumberger ECLIPSE
  • Simulia Abaqus
Commercial Application Templates

Scripting guidelines and job submission templates for commonly used commercial applications simplify job submission, reduce setup time and minimize operation errors. Once your applications are up and running, Platform HPC improves application performance by intelligently scheduling resources based on workload characteristics.

Complete, easy-to-use cluster management

Using Platform HPC you can quickly provision and manage HPC clusters with unprecedented ease. It ensures maximum uptime and can transparently synchronize files to cluster nodes without any downtime or re-installation.

User-friendly, topology aware workload management

Platform HPC includes a robust workload scheduling capability, which is based on Platform LSF — the industry’s most powerful, comprehensive, policy driven workload management solution for engineering and scientific distributed computing environments.
By scheduling workloads intelligently according to policy, Platform HPC improves end user productivity with minimal system administrative effort. In addition, it allows HPC user teams to easily access and share all computing resources, while reducing time between simulation iterations.

Robust workload, system monitoring and reporting
  • Comprehensive reports on workload and system load
  • Proactive compute resource management
  • Simple capacity planning
  • Drill-in/out capability for operational insight
  • Troubleshoot job and cluster issues

Platform HPC includes an operational dashboard that provides comprehensive administrative reports. It enables you to make timely decisions and proactively manage compute resources against business demand. By correlating workload information with system load, you can easily identify issues with your cluster and troubleshoot issues with your jobs. When it’s time for capacity planning, you can use the unified web portal to run detailed reports and analyses which quantify user needs and remove the guess work from capacity expansion.

Web-based interface for access anywhere
  • Remote visualization
  • Workload reporting and monitoring
  • System monitoring and reporting
  • Customizable alerts
  • Integrated commercial application support

While command-line savvy users can continue using the command line interface, Platform HPC also provides a unified web portal that makes it easy to submit, monitor, and manage jobs. As changes are made to the cluster configuration, Platform HPC automatically re-configures key components, ensuring that jobs are allocated to the appropriate resources. The unified web portal is customizable and provides job data management, remote visualization and interactive job support. It also provides an interactive environment to easily package software as kits for application deployment as well as pre-integrated commercial application support.

Dynamic operating system multi-boot

Automated operating system selection based on workload Platform HPC supports image-based installs, allowing cluster nodes to be rapidly “cloned” while also providing support for diskless nodes. Because of this, Platform HPC can deploy multiple operating system versions concurrently on the same resource and, based on job resource requirements, dynamically boot the Linux or Windows operating system required to run the job.
You can also use a web interface to manually switch nodes to the required OS to meet application demands, providing you with the flexibility to support special requests and accommodate unanticipated changes.

GPU scheduling and monitoring

Take advantage of high performing GPUs

  • Intelligently submit jobs to only resources with GPUs in mixed cluster environments
  • Monitor resources with GPUs
  • Optimize utilization of GPU resources

Platform HPC provides the capability to schedule jobs only to resources with GPUs. This is particularly advantageous in heterogeneous hardware environments as it means that administrators can configure Platform HPC so that only those jobs that can benefit from running on GPUs are allocated to those resources. This frees up CPU-based resources to run other jobs. Using the unified management interface, administrators can monitor the GPU performance as well as detect ECC errors.

“The combination of Tesla GPUs and Platform’s HPC products offers a powerful combined solution for building the clusters that enterprises and academic institutions need today, to tackle their challenging problems.”
Sanford Russell, GM of GPU computing software, NVIDIA
Robust commercial MPI library (Platform MPI)

Accelerates and scales HPC applications, for shorter time to solution.
Platform MPI
In order to make it easier to get parallel applications up and running, Platform HPC includes the industry’s most robust and highest performing MPI implementation, Platform MPI. Platform MPI provides consistent performance at application run-time and for application scaling, resulting in top performance results across a range of third-party benchmarks.
Open Source MPI
Platform HPC also includes various other industry standard MPI implementations. This includes MPICH1, MPICH2 and MVAPICH1, which are optimized for cluster hosts connected via InfiniBand, iWARP or other RDMA based interconnects.