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It’s Not Easy Being Green at the University of East Anglia

UEA’s new HPC resource has provided the university a significant increase in computational power. The solution including Platform HPC has more than doubled . . .

February 2012

Viglen’s High Performance Computing Cluster Really Flies at the University of Bedfordshire

With over a thousand students from all over the world, the Department of Computing and Information Systems (CIS) is a core department at the University of Bedfordshire . . .


Viglen High Performance Cluster Reigns Supreme at Queen Mary, University of London

Viglen has developed a new e-Science cluster at Queen Mary, University of London. The new development will help the University maintain the Department of Physics’ position at the forefront of high energy particle physics, by responding to new ways of working with innovative and flexible solutions.

IT’s Dynamic: Viglen Powers High Performance Computing at The University of Hertfordshire

The University of Hertfordshire’s Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences is a pioneering British institution. Helping shape tomorrow’s engineering applications in...


University of Lancaster awards Viglen and Platform Computing first class honours for HPC

University of Lancaster has selected Viglen, a leading British manufacturer and provider of IT solutions to the education and public sector, for its latest High Performance Computing (HPC) expansion, worth £1.2million over a three year period . . .