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What is HPC?

HPC (High Performance Computing) is the use of computing power to help solve highly complex problems, perform business critical analysis, or to run computationally intensive workloads — all faster and more efficiently.
In the new global economy, speed-to-market is an essential component in getting, and staying ahead of the competition. Today many organisations are turning to HPC as the technology that can address this critical need.

Why HPC?

HPC reduces the time it takes to complete compute intensive tasks. As a result, products can get to market sooner, research can be concluded faster, and additional designs, analysis, and testing can be performed resulting in improvements in product, design, or research quality.
Companies are also recognising that the utilisation of their computer resources is greatly increased. The result is improved return on investment and reduced pressure on IT budgets.

IT’s working in harmony to give you a bespoke HPC Solution in 3 easy steps

1. Begin with a range that fits

Viglen offers the widest array of processor options from Intel and AMD 64-bit processor options, Xeon to deliver reliable mid-class power. Viglen’s 64-bit HPC options have Intel EM64T or AMD64 technology at their heart, with processing options to come that will enable 64-bit computing at ground-breaking price/performance levels.
Viglen’s HPC processor nodes can be delivered in a range of form factors: desktop, tower, 1U and 2U designs can all be fashioned to meet your configuration and space constraints, whether in the lab or machine room. Whatever you decide, you’ll find Viglen friendly, flexible and responsive.

2. Next with inter-connect

From straight forward connectivity solutions around fast Gigabit Ethernet, Viglen is tooled-up to deliver. As new technologies emerge, such as Infiniband and PCI Express, we’ll test them intensively before putting them to work for you. Viglen makes the highest-quality connections with best-of-breed suppliers worldwide, so you can connect with confidence.

3. Then storage and backup

Viglen has a diverse selection of options from simple direct attach storage, to NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Network) technologies. Trust Viglen to design and implement the optimal storage solution, encompassing data integrity, data availability, speed of access and backup.