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From Step 1, we’re with you all the way.

With many years experience in implementing complex IT infrastructure projects, Viglen have all the expertise in-house to help design, plan and implement your HPC solution.

Devising an HPC solution can be quite a daunting prospect. Viglen can help you to put together the right building blocks to ensure your HPS not only matches your requirements, but also meets your expectations. Viglen’s expert advisors will discuss the selection of hardware and network infrastructure and guide you through the choices of software and setup to ensure the best performance for your code and hardware configuration.

Project Management

Once the HPC solution has been defined, there’s still a long way to go before your solution is ready to implement. Viglen are able to help at every stage along the way.
We can allocate a Project Manager, dedicated to your HPC project, to manage the process from receipt of order, ensuring all parts required for the solution arrive in time to meet project deadlines, arranging for installation engineering teams to be available in time for deployment and offering a single, named, point of contact for any issues. Viglen Project Management takes all of the hassle away from deploying complex solutions: we do all the worrying and monitor progress to ensure your project arrives on time and to budget.

Viglen High-Technology Configuration Centre

All our HPC nodes are manufactured within Viglen’s High-Technology Configuration Centre. We understand that HPC solutions are driven far harder than other computer solutions and need to be built to a much higher standard.
In the High-Technology Configuration Centre, our engineers only work with Server technology and understand the requirements for attention to detail and quality that high-load applications require. Since every HPC solution is built to order, to your specification, we offer the flexibility to perform many of the tasks which would normally only take place after hardware installation (such as pre-configuring the OS and preparing software for deployment). This build-to-order model also makes it much easier for us to incorporate non-standard requirements at time of build.
Every HPC node is quality controlled at each stage of the production process, ending with a final “burn-in” test, prior to packing and shipping, to ensure that all components are operating to specification and reduce failures in the field.

Installation and Deployment

Installation and configuration of dozens of HPS nodes is a difficult and time-consuming task. Our deployment team will monitor every aspect of shipment and delivery of your order by experienced logistics experts to ensure everything arrives on site, on time and undamaged.
Once on site, Viglen engineers can perform the entire installation, from siting the Rack Cabinets, to installing switches and HPS nodes. They can oversee all aspects of the installation including cable management, connecting the nodes together, installing and configuring the software and a handover so you’re ready to work on processing your code straight away.

Warranty and Support

All HPC nodes are supplied with a 3 Year On-Site Hardware warranty. Whilst this is enough for most HPC implementations, we are able to extend or tailor support to your requirements, should you need cover 24/7, with a 4 hour response, or simply to extend the warranty to 5 years.
All HPC telephone support is handled by our own support technicians based at VHQ in the UK. Our technicians are based in the same building as the engineering teams which design, test, and build all of our HPC solutions ensuring that any issues are resolved quickly.

For HPC solutions and further information, please use the following contact details.

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