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Genie Range

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30 years of engineering excellence

The Genie Range of personal computers has long been the choice of IT professionals looking for power and reliability.

Now Viglen have re-launched the range to reflect the requirements of the modern user, with a focus on product range stability, change management and visibility.

  • Complete product lifecycle visibility, Certified, stable platform
  • Engineering Change Control
  • Wide range of Modern chassis styles
  • Enhanced security fixtures
  • 25 years of engineering excellence

We understand that product stability is one of the most important factors when planning IT deployments. Viglen helps you to achieve your goals by offering complete visibility of the motherboard life-cycles, giving you the tools to plan your rollout based on product longevity. An extensive range of quality motherboards are on offer, ranging from basic but functional solutions to the most recent, cutting edge Intel® motherboards available.

IT’s Exceptional Quality and Service

Viglen is a UK company, with a heritage of delivering tailored IT solutions into the public sector, health, education, and corporate. Unlike the lumbering international suppliers who take a ‘jack of all trades’ approach, Viglen maintains a flexible edge by focusing on specific markets. If you have any special build requirements for your Genie computer, your account manager will be happy to discuss them with you. A complete range of Service and warranty options are also available, from ‘Return to Base’, to having a Viglen engineer based at your site.

IT’s Outstanding Stability

The Genie continues to provide a solid and stable platform to work on, with an extensive programme of certification and compatibility testing behind the scenes.  Many Viglen customers have a Hard Disk image for their standard systems, and so require identical products throughout the lifespan of the rollout. Viglen can help you with this process by advising you on the most suitable motherboard, and even installing your Hard Disk image during the manufacturing cycle.

IT’s Engineering Change Control

If desired, Viglen will enrol you onto the ECN (Engineering Change Notification) scheme to receive advance notification of product changes. A regular “Viglen Approved Driver and BIOS list” keeps you updated on the latest ‘Viglen Certified’ drivers and BIOS revisions for your hardware. Changes that will affect hard disk images will be kept to an absolute minimum wherever possible.

IT’s Modern Chassis Design

A wide range of cases are on offer, each with varying capacities, feature-sets, and dimensions. All cases have been designed to cope with the high temperature output of modern CPUs. The standard colour for all Viglen desktop PCs will now be black, although beige alternatives are available. Ease of access for upgrades and maintenance and has been improved on most cases. A choice of security options such as Selectamark, Smart Card access, cable loops, and security screws is available.

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Not just a computer manufacturer.
Viglen, the total solution provider, also offer a wide range of peripherals.