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The Viglen Learning Platform (VLP) from it’s learning is a powerful Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) specifically designed for education.

It’s defining characteristics are unrivalled flexibility and user-friendliness. The intuitive platform allows everyone to master the technology in order to succeed with his or her learning activities. A strong focus on the implementation process ensures that each school gains an optimal set of pedagogic tools for reaching its particular objectives.
Despite the fact that different e-learning systems appear to contain the same functionality, it is often the intuitiveness of a systems user-interface that decides whether or not it is accepted and taken into use by the end-user. Most users of the system when asked say that VLP’s user-friendliness was the primary criteria for their selecting the system.

Communication & Cooperation

The VLP has a variety of built-in communication tools and can be easily set up so that all or some of these tools are made available to users of the system. The system provides an arena where members work together, both synchronously and asynchronously. Some of the available tools for communication and cooperation are: internal messaging system, e-mail, chat, SMS notifications, discussion forums, process oriented writing tools, notice boards, and newsgroups.

Administration, Reporting & Evaluation

The VLP is an administrative tool for course administrators and course leaders as well as system administrators. The core idea behind the platform is that teachers themselves can decide to make use of their own methods as part of their course content. Therefore teachers are not dependant on administrators to set up and administrate their students and/or course content. The system provides a range of automatically generated reports that quickly and efficiently provide a comprehensive overview of a group and/or individuals progress within the learning cycle. The platform also provides support for “Portfolio Assessment” methods as well functionality for following up individuals and individual reflection.

Production & Management Of Learning Resources

The VLP is a powerful tool for the production, organisation, maintenance and reuse of learning resources. Users can make use of internal or external tools for content production. It handles all types of digital content, both self produced as well as those imported from other sources.
Content production is a critical factor for our users when selecting an e-learning system. By making use of the “Add” feature, users are provided access to over 10 tools/modules enabling them to create their own learning objects and then organise them within a subject. Course content can be organised in a variety of different ways, by topic, chronologically or by function. So much so that the majority of teachers can find a suitable manner to make use of the Internet to create their learning cycle. For more advanced users the system can be provided with the e:plus content management module.

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