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The standard version of the Viglen Learning Platform from it’s learning contains everything you need to get started using this user friendly platform in a minimal amount of time, irrespective of whether the platform is to be used at a school or an university.
We require very little time to set up the system. It never takes more than 24 hours once we have received the necessary information from the customer.
Here is an overview of some of the highlights of the standard system:

Function Basis Module
File Archive Yes  
Portfolio Assessment Yes  
Personal Start Page Yes  
Personal Home Page Yes  
Intranet Yes  
Cooperative Tools
Project Tools Yes  
Process Oriented Writing Yes  
Knowledge Building Yes  
Questionnaire Generation & Statistics Yes  
Planning Tools Yes  
External Questionnaires & Statistics Yes  
Personal Address Book Yes  
Assignment Function (with correction function) Yes  
Discussion Groups Yes  
Support Yes  
Communication Tools
Chat Yes  
Instant Messenger Yes  
E-post (POP/IMAP) Yes  
Internal Messaging System Yes  
Notice Boards Yes  
Newsgroups Yes  
Personal Newsgroups Yes  
Who is online? Yes  
Video conferencing Yes  
Application sharing Yes  
Whiteboard Yes  
File Sharing Yes  
E-mail Notifications Yes  
SMS - Yes
Administrative Tools
Attendance Records Yes  
Assignments Administration Yes  
Educational & Behavioural Results Yes  
Personal Calendar Yes  
Group Calendars Yes  
Planning Tools Yes  
User Administrations Yes  
Help System with FAQ Yes  
Administration of templates Yes  
Administration of groups Yes  
Reporting Tools Yes  
Timetables Yes  
Class lists with pictures Yes  
Form Generator Yes  
Password Rules Generator Yes  
Login Statistics Yes  
Formula Editor Yes  
HTML Editor Yes  
DirectEdit (embedded file type support) Yes  
Document Versioning Yes  
Test Generator (with random question selector) Yes  
Automatic Test Marking Tool Yes  
Picture Publishing Yes  
Links/Link Archives Yes  
External Courses (AICC) Yes  
Course Archive Yes  
Goal Oriented Question Generator Yes  
Element Handling Yes  
Search Functions Yes  
Group Assignments Yes  
Hierarchical Publishing (with support for learning design) Yes  
External Course Catalogue   Yes
Content Library   Yes
Template Based Publishing (XSL/XSLT)   Yes
Excel Yes  
QTI Yes  
CSV/Text Yes  
IMS Yes  
SSL Yes  

For information about Viglen Learning Platform, please use the following contact details.

Tel: 01727 201820   Fax: 01727 201828   Email: