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Why Use Viglen?

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Why Use Viglen?

For over thirty years Viglen has been a leading British-based provider of innovative technology solutions and services to the corporate sector.

Working hand-in-hand with the world’s leading companies and organisations enables Viglen to deliver leading-edge hardware systems and networks, exciting and innovative software combined with matchless levels of customer service and support.

Dedicated Schools Department

Viglen offers total ICT solutions, from the supply of a single PC or notebook right through to the implementation of a local or wide area network with everything you need to ensure your pupils have the best possible learning experience with ICT.
Our dedicated schools department offers high quality, cost-effective, industry standard systems, tailored to meet your exacting requirements. Each solution offers future flexibility, while those responsible for ICT in the school can rely on long-term technical support.
Our meticulous approach to building every item of hardware from scratch means that single PCs to complex contracts involving non-standard specifications are assembled to order — a refreshing alternative to the homogeneity of high street-style products.

IT’s All about Getting the Support You Need

Whether for enterprising e-business or a ground-based logistics campany, Viglen’s understanding of the increasing application of IT and online services in the private sector means it has unique insight into the support levels required.
In support, we have a package to match almost every type of operation. Viglen is sensitive in prioritising support agreements to ensure the continuation of services even during on-site maintenance and upgrade.
We have worked determinedly to ensure that 100% of our hardware packaging is fully recyclable, taking great strides towards establishing a centre of excellence in environmentally-friendly planning and supply, enabling all our clients to achieve best practice in tackling recycling and disposal issues.
At Viglen, we believe in complete, seamless service for business and commerce.

IT’s Dedicated. IT’s Specialist. IT’s Viglen.

At Viglen, we’ve taken time to get IT right. We’ve made an unprecedented effort to assemble a specialist team dedicated to finding the right solutions for your business. Together, our Enterprise team, technical analysts, project managers and senior executives keep perfect pace with the changing face and frenetic pace of the business community. From the simplest laptop installation to the sophisticated world of content management systems and team-based wireless networking, putting Viglen technology to work in your company will deliver meaningful returns on investment by enabling excellence at all levels.
At Viglen, we never forget that IT’s Personal. In large-scale projects, to aid product planning and roll-out, we can provide detailed information of product development plans over the months ahead. With years of collective experience on our side, we have grasped the technical and logistical fundamentals to offer hardware with quality, performance and value as well as flexible software licensing solutions. We completely understand the implications of budgetary cycles and procurement processes, and will work with you in partnership to drive best value from your IT resources.