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Viglen Finance Solutions for Further Education

The leasing solutions that Viglen can offer FE Colleges
let you have the IT systems you need now whilst spreading the cost over the equipment’s life.

You can free up working capital, demonstrate ROI from day one and start realising the benefits of a Viglen IT solution right away.
Viglen finance is the logical way to purchase new IT systems and here’s why:

  • IT’s good for your budget
    Instead of tying up lots of cash in fast depreciating assets such as PCs, a lease lets you keep cash in hand to use where you need it most. You simply spread your payments over the expected life of the equipment.
  • IT’s total flexibility
    Your lease can cover hardware, software, maintenance and insurance, in one simple, regular payment.
  • IT’s easy to upgrade
    With the “Technology Refresh Facility” you can upgrade a proportion of your equipment at any time during the agreement, often without affecting your repayment.
  • IT’s an alternative source of credit
    Viglen finance won’t affect your other credit lines, so you can stay on the leading edge of technology, and dedicate your existing funding sources to other projects.
  • IT’s easy to arrange
    Once you request a leasing quotation, we usually respond within 24 hours. After authorisation, you sign one short contract and we arrange for your equipment to be delivered. It really is that simple.
Are you considering financing your IT acquisitions?

We’ll show you a faster, easier route to achieving your IT goals.